5 Tips: how to make your brand event stand out.

Brand Events in Singapore, there are so many cool happenings at once - how to stand out from the crowd when promoting your brand?

Taking a look at some recent events at Maison Miaja, here are 5 tips for a beautiful brand event.

1- DRESS it well.

Decorate the space to reflect your brand identity. Use the walls, floor space, ceiling, and light to create the correct ambience for the day. Display your logo and product creatively - your brand has to be the star attraction. Remember, is our age of social media, photos do all the talking.

2 - Make it INTERACTIVE.

Truth be told - in today's fast-paced world, we all have short attention spans and too many places to go to. Hold the attention of your guest and show them what your brand is about with product demos or fun interactive areas. Make your event an unforgettable experience!

Food is LOVE

To say food and drink is a big attraction at events is no lie. There are certainly catering choices a-plenty in Singapore, but to choose the best one, Maison Miaja can make expert recommendations to suit your unique requirements. Buffet, sit-down dinner or cocktails & canapés? We can help you decide.

3- MUSIC Matters.

Music is key to any event, but what to choose? Decide if a DJ, live band or subtle ambience music is best for your event. Don't be restricted by the venue size or facilities, Maison Miaja is a flexible space that suits all types of music options. If you wish, our space has a state-of-the-art Bang & Olufsen sound system to play out the silky smooth tunes.

4- Use ART to elevate the event.

Maison Miaja is a gallery space across two spacious floors, so why not create an event where Art becomes part of the ambience and compliments your brand. Our team of in-house Art curators can help you select the right artworks or sculptures for any occasion.

5 - TRANSFORM the space.

Treat the space as a blank canvas and be creative!

Our the two beautifully designed spaces consist of the modern minimalist setting of the 'Salon Jean Nouvel' on the 2nd floor and the luxurious European style 'Salon Louis XVI' on the 4th floor of the APS building in Singapore. What will your next event look like?

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